when to announce pregnancy (Ask Doctor: Best time to reveal pregnancy)

Hello everyone welcomes to the fam for all.

moms my name is Alexa quite and this

is the gorgeous Susan Yara we have a

the very fun subject today what are we

talking about girlfriends well you guys

might have seen that I announced I am

prey and you know that’s what the topic

is about it’s when do you announce that

you’re pregnant on social media and when

do you tell people you know it’s just

one of those things where you’re like

when do I do this yeah yeah when Susan

congratulations I’m so excited I’m so

happy for you I know this is something

that you’ve talked about on social media

that you wanted and you know you want to

complete your family rubbed it out with

one more little one more just one more

that’s all I wanted I just want two

babies in my life mm-hmm and I’m

good to go

how are you feeling um I feel pretty

shitty I know I’m laughing because he

said it cutely yeah I know you

are in the ex yeah yeah it’s definitely

a more challenging pregnancy this time than it was

the first time I was like

this is Bray I don’t know what

everyone’s talking about pregnancies


this one I’m like I don’t want anything

I don’t want to do anything I think when

I was blow-drying my hair today I had to

take like three breaks because I was

just so out of it it was terrible yeah

but you know what it’s okay good cause

there’s a good cause, but you know it’s a

funny thing because I announced I I was

pregnant a touch earlier just a touch

earlier than I did the first time the

first time I was so paranoid I announced

I waited until I was like almost midway.

through my second trimester because I

was waiting to like just make

sure everything was okay and at that

the point I was like I mean what else am I

waiting for I mean, I think I was just so

paranoid about it all going well that I

waited to announce it on social media

I’d already told family and friends and

everything but I don’t know but this

the time I feel a little more relaxed about

it which is interesting I don’t I think

and correct me if I’m wrong this is how

I was maybe it’s because you feel like

if you did have a miscarriage or

something that you’d probably talk about

it that as well that’s true that’s true

if I did have a miscarriage, I would

probably talk about it I think there’s

something about like when you want that

first baby and that process to get there

feels a little bit hard and scary and

you’re so anxious and everything I

thought that you yeah you just don’t

want things to go wrong and then like

the second time around it’s it’s true


like your veteran like you’ve already

done this it wasn’t as hard as you made

it out to be the first time around and I

think you just get more comfortable with

who you are in your body and everything

when I was pregnant with the Driss my

first I was nervous too I think

like a lot of new moms are oh my god I

want this to go well I you know I want

to make it to the second trimester which

a lot of people say that you know it the

the chance that you can have a miscarriage

goes down drastically once you’ve gotten

to the second trimester and I was just

like excited and nervous about

the whole thing and the difference

from going from not being, you know from

you to mom is a more significant change than you

adding on to the mom yes you know which

I mentioned before mom is to the mom.

nice whatever um yeah so I remember

waiting with the dress until I was like

in my second trimester to tell the

internet world like I told I

told Michael first I told him right away

right after I took the pregnancy test I

was like oh my god we have a human

coming and then I think I even waited for a

little longer to tell my family with the

dress than I did with Cyrus I think I

waited until I was like I don’t even

remember but maybe closer to like eight


yep you know so I was a little bit more

in it I’d gone I’d had an ultrasound I

knew that there was something in there

at least at the time, I told him and then

when I put it on social media and Mike

announced it on the Internet’s I think I

was like 14 weeks or so yeah I feel like

yeah went real fast with it like you you

the not only announced day I felt like you

had his name you had like you like with

the gravy full-blown oh well yeah Oh

with Cyrus yeah yeah with Cyrus

everything was fast because I also

felt like okay if for some reason I have

a miscarriage probably be

something I’ll open up about eventually

yeah you know so I felt comfortable and

I remember thinking about that before I

started telling people and before I

posted about it on social media that

like okay this is a little earlier than

I’ve done in the past will I be okay if

something goes wrong or whatever and I

remember thinking to myself yes I will

be and I will talk about that it won’t

be easy, but I will talk about it and

luckily for me Cyrus nothing you know

everything he’s excellent, and he’s here that

was a long time ago

but I think that’s something that you

have to think about when you are

starting to tell people are you going to

feel comfortable telling them if

maybe something goes wrong I know that

sounds dark to think about yeah but I

guess that’s sort of yeah kind of true

but you know what I I think I’ve decided

this time around is you know I’m very

superstitious that’s actually that plays

a role mm-hmm and these just these kinds

of decisions for me like if I say

something now is I going to like a jinx

myself or something like that I get like

that but at the same time I you know I

think at the end of the day truly

something can happen all the way through

to the very end right like there’s

always a possibility and you know you

just got to kind of be comfortable with

who you are and what happens and

announcing anything I mean we put so

much of ourselves on the Internet that

you know to me it’s kind of like you

know was I going to hide this if something

bad happened I’m not going to write I’m

not going to maybe the first time around

I might have and like just like you know.

brushed under you know swept it

under the carpet or somebody thought but

this time around I don’t think I would

do that I would I’d probably have some

serious conversations with our viewers

and yeah that said I think for for

people that aren’t sharing every detail

their lives with the Internet you know I

think it does you know there are a lot

of different factors and one of those

factors are superstition mm

you know if they want to if they feel

like they might jinx themselves and

second, you know it is feeling

comfortable feeling like you want you

know yes there’s a lot that comes with

it people are then watching you the

the minute you say you’re pregnant, there’s a

a lot that happens like I you know some of

the people I was worried about telling

we’re not the Internet it’s like people

I work with clients that kind of thing.

like you know no not you you’re like

perfect but like you know you feel like

maybe people you work for mm-hmm might

be disappointed instead you know it

shouldn’t be that way shouldn’t be one

of those things where like your

employers get upset about you having a

baby but you know deep down inside

they’re like oh man that means that

she’s going to have you know to take that

maternity leave time off she’s going to

you know potentially have problems a

a second child like she’s going to be calling

in all the time and all that kind of

stuff so I think those are things that

you have to like get okay with and be

ready to be confident about when you’re

announcing it right people yeah totally

and I mean we do live in a time where

announcing your pregnancy on social

media is something that a lot of people

get excited about and want to do

and it’s sort of like part of our

culture now even if you’re not somebody

who regularly shares bits of your life

on the Internet you know a lot of people

put pressure on themselves maybe to have

this elaborate beautiful pregnancy

an announcement or adding to the child with

you know balloons or a gender-reveal and

it’s a good thing so much social I have

seen especially I feel like in our

industry being influencers and stuff and

putting this kind of stuff out over the

the last couple of years I have seen some

big things that people have done huge

like a lap, it’s like they went and did

these giant photoshoots and stuff just

to announce they were pregnant on the

media and it’s kind of crazy but guess

what you guys you don’t even need to

announce it yeah guess what you own your

privacy yes all on you what you want to

do yeah absolutely I certainly know

people that are like yeah I’m pregnant

not trying to tell anybody about it just

maybe I’ll wait to have the baby and

then maybe I’ll be like I had a baby or

maybe not you know whatever but I think

it’s so personal when you tell

somebody you’re pregnant how you tell

them who you tell you to know there’s

there’s also I remember with both

pregnancies there was like tears of

people, I would tell like first round was

like you know my friends and family

the tight tight tight crew that I would tell

that I had a miscarriage too if I did or

whatever and then there’s the second

tier and then there’s the Internet you

know or whatever that’s how I kind of

thought of it in my mind yeah

everybody’s so different from how they

want to announce and what they want to

do so just you have the power and the

control of reporting but I’m so excited

that you reported it to me I I mean I

remember both times you told me you’re

pregnant and I’m excited yeah

yeah anyway I loved it I like the way

you said to me like in a very

the matter-of-fact way that didn’t get my

the period here’s the pregnancy test approve

it did you ask her to ruin in a special

way no I left the pregnancy test on his

sink in the bathroom oh really what’s

this I’m like what do you think it is oh

that’s so funny I remember um Michael

when I told him about Cyrus my second I

tried to do this thing where I got a

dress like this cute shirt that said Big

Brother it I kind of failed because it

said little brother on it and then I

like got the tape and put

Dave over the small part it was a

last-minute attempt to trying to do

something cute so then I was going to try

and wait till our like six-year wedding

anniversary to tell Michael that we were

and do this cute thing like it dinner

and be like so you know and give him

like the test or do something fun and

cute but I’d gone to an event the like

during my fifth week of pregnancy and

one of my girlfriends was like oh my god

you’re pregnant aren’t you oh you didn’t

have wine, and I was like which I guess

it was as if I mean that’s an enemy

and I was like how does she

know already

dammit I better tell Michael like he’s

got to be the first person to know so

then that’s when I did this like

last-minute reject brother shirt for a

drew that just kind of didn’t go well at

all and I remember I told Michael in the

the hallway I was like it Driss is going to be

he and a big brother was just like what

you know it took him a while and the

the first thing that came out of his mouth

are you’re not going to make me go to those

birthing classes again are you not like

yay but like the trauma of the birthing

lessons that I Drive you to yeah anyway

it’s just it like so didn’t go the way

that I thought it was going to go in my

a mind so there you go yeah you can plan

and then it just blows up in your cute

little face do you know I do like seeing

the creative stuff I do too it’s a happy

the moment you guys yeah be pleased for

yourself but give yourself a break yeah

and don’t put pressure to do what

everybody else is doing I remember I

announced by holding up a can of prego

spaghetti sauce not original just

thought it was funny anyway that’s all

have you guys announced her pregnancy

how’d you do it tell us in the comments

are you not into it what do you think

yeah what do you think is the best time

to announce that you’re pregnant tell us

I have to know

yeah and then you see if you tell

coworkers how about how that all goes

let’s talk about it let’s talk about it

all right guys we’ll see you soon have a

good day bye you

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