What Are the Risks Associated With Pregnancy ?

  • Twins baby boomers are coming in the workforce. This is a growing demographic. These people, after working long hours at a single job, may be ready to start families. In fact, many are now planning their first family with their first born child. Some twins have already had twin births.
  • Twin pregnancy usually occurs when you are having a multiple-birth baby. If you are having a first-time twin pregnancy, here is what you should know about yourself and your twins. Some twin births are due to identical twins. Others are due to non-identical twins.
  • There are some risks associated with twins. They include:
  • Complications of pregnancy can also happen to twins and sometimes, they are serious health problems. If your twins experience these complications, there is a high risk of death or disabilities.
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  • One possible complication of twins is the presence of two other siblings with a genetic illness, if you have one sibling who has the disease but the other sibling has no disease. The sibling without the disease will not pass the disease to the other sibling, if it were a twin. This condition is known as sibling inheritance.
  • Twin pregnancy can also be a result of a problem such as miscarriage, which means that one or both twins will end up dying. Another possibility is that both twins will not be able to carry a full-term pregnancy, but will have twin babies. or that one of the twins will not be able to carry a full-term pregnancy due to problems with her or his reproductive organs.
  • Another risk associated with twins is that twins are more prone to infection. Some infections can be transferred from the mother to the twins. If they have health problems, the infection can pass between them to their babies.
  • Twin pregnancies can lead to several complications. They include:
  • Twin girls often have trouble eating and sleeping. They may not be able to feed themselves well during the day and may not eat any food at night.
  • Twins may also experience a condition called twin fever. It is a condition where the body temperature of the twins is very close. However, it is rare because twins do not develop this problem during the first few weeks of pregnancy.
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    Instead, it usually occurs during the third trimester, after the growth of the babies in the womb.
  • Twin girls are more likely to suffer from diabetes than boys. It is true that twins are more prone to diabetes, but it is not definite. It is said that twins are more prone to the same type of diabetes than normal twins.
  • In addition, twin girls are also more likely to experience postpartum hemorrhage. A mother can give birth to a baby girl when she is expecting to deliver a baby boy. This condition happens when the first baby spills. Blood vessels inside the mother’s body may rupture, leading to bleeding and possible infection.
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  • The same is true for twin boys. In order to avoid postpartum hemorrhage, it is important for women who are expecting twins to use birth control pills or other contraceptives until the end of the pregnancy.
  • The risks of twin girls and boys vary from case to case. However, they are the same as those of normal babies. Most doctors and researchers believe that there is nothing to worry about when twins are diagnosed, but they recommend a thorough medical checkup by a doctor at the onset of the pregnancy.
  • Twin pregnancies have the same risks of miscarriage, high blood pressure and diabetes. and if the twins are already born, there is a slight risk of an infection and an increased chance of premature birth. However, it is much less than what is seen in children who are not twins.

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