Pind Hood Damn Good Lyrics Meaning English- Sidhu Moose Wala

Pind Hood Damn Good Lyrics Meaning English (Rmg Intro) by Sidhu Moose Wala is the latest Punjabi song from his brand new Album Moosetape and sung by Randialawala. Pind Hood Damn Good song lyrics are also penned down by Randialawala.
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In contrast, the music of this fabulous song is given by Wazir Patar, and Sidhu Moose Wala releases the music video.

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Pind Hood Damn Good YouTube Video Release date is 22/06/2021 Tuesday

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Pind Hood Damn Good Song Details :

Song Pind Hood Damn Good (Rmg Intro)
Lyrics Sidhu Moose Wala
Singer Sidhu Moose Wala
Album MooseTape
Music Wazir Patar
Label Sidhu Moose Wala

Pind Hood Damn Good Lyrics Meaning Hindi

malwa belt ch painde aa pind sade
te khulle aa takk zamena ne
teddiyan pagga naal laye chadare
bhannde aa nak jeanaa  de

     ⇓ | English Meaning |⇓

Our village falls in the debris region
we are the owners of open lands
Chadra Pehwa with Teddy Turban is our Jakta which breaks the nose
the style of those wearing jean too

guggan phirniya te landiya jeep’an
te dil dariyan saare bande ae
din dihade launde nehar’an ch tube’an
te dabban ch asle tange ae

⇓ | English Meaning |⇓

Ladiya roams around in a jeep
Aha the hearts of the men are fearless like a lion
the day i dunk aha
And they have the real ones hanging beside them

Pind Hood Damn Good Lyrics Meaning Hindi

narme kapaas di vi hundi kheti aithe
jihnu angrezi ch cotton aankhi da
surajmukhi cho kaa udd’de si
khadka sunke harjeet di thapi da

⇓ | English Meaning |⇓

New cotton cultivation takes place on Aha
what i call in english is cotton
And while sunflowers may sit, crows also get up.
When Harjeet Bhai beats

truck an trally an da eh gad mudo
aithe tc naal tc khaindi ae
ret de tibeyan ch jammeya di

⇓ | English Meaning |⇓

Aha village has a pile of tracks and trellios
aha tc confused with tc
who is born in a tibia of sand

balleya paake khaliyare aa range rover
tu khadd ke vekhi ghare gate an cho
sidhu moose wala khadkda randialawala
tractor diyan tape an cho
tractor diyan tape an cho

⇓ | English Meaning |⇓

And aha Range Rover is also standing outside
he’s stuck too
Do you ever stand like a gate?
sidhu moose wala song is khadak
And the same sounds may rings
Tractor Tape I Tractor Tape I

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