All Bamb Lyrics Translation in English

All Bamb Lyrics Translation in English By Amrit maan is tha latest Punjabi Song with Music given By Ikwinder Singh Amrit Maan writes All Bamb Song Lyrics And sukh sanghera direct the Video And label By speed Record


All Bamb Song Details :

  • Song – All Bamb (Teaser)
  • Singer – Amrit Maan Ft Neeru Bajwa
  • Lyrics – Amrit Maan
  • Music – Ikwinder Singh
  • Label – Speed Records

All Bamb Lyrics English

I fell in love with you
See the rising of youth
Even the throat
Ni openly states

The cheeks of the heart are not open
Struggle with you
Hussein’s heat is intense
shehar ch ohd sardi

Even my unit killed the world
The head strikes at you
Also like Jatti A. Scotch
A little late
Also like Jatti A. Scotch

Life is long, it doesn’t last long
Yours on my pair
notan da meeh ਵਾਰਦਾ

klala kalla shehar da velly
Pain from the groin
Ferrari with your suit
Neat Like Street also stands

If you have a scotch ball, you will need it
If you have a scotch ball you will need it
je tu ae Scotch cats

Way to Lawn Jade Main Jeep
City Jam then lives
Ho Tour Banwe Jatti’s
jad khabbi behnda on the seat

I love you so much
Can’t stand the weight

Main suit Laina Oye boys
More expensive than your ammunition
Main suit Laina Oye boys
More expensive than your ruffles
Main suit Laina Oye boys

Vote for the right Jatts
Kiyun Watdi A. Talan
Kurte Utton Fendi Londe
gionene pind ਆਲਾ

Be your Messi football ton
Your Messi football ton
Invited Khaitan Ala

Colored brown gabbro
Black across the heart
Let the left eye fire white
ਓ Left eye fire white
je bachdi jan bachale
Let the left eye fire white

Oh, I don’t like any eggs soon
ve tu ae par lucky boy
She is also the daughter of Chief Kali Kali Zaildars
Kill and 38 boys ਓ boys numb

jithe main badminton pitch
You have a box
ਕਾਧ ਲਾਇਨਾ ਏ ਜਾਨ ਤੂ ਪਾਕੇ
Jacket deb khadabi

The purse also hides the line
Your silver box

24 “Yan Ton Main Tape Gay
Your age is 26
Come learn shooting

Come learn shooting
Kabi like you
Let’s learn shooting

Cats Tour Canada Stress High
Ud Veda Girda
By blowing up the enemy
Pain from Babu

You look like Amarjot
You look like Amarjot
Jatt shines brightly

You plan the rule
Gabru protects
Like Alexander’s army
Like Alexander’s army
Jatt ni kis ton darda
Ni is like the Black Jatt Army

Its Iqwinder Singh production …..

All Bamb Music Video


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